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A Team Master's Casket store ~ started March 1st,1998. The mailing address is 262 Shelton Blvd. Eastlake,Ohio 44095 local phone 440-942-8769 The shop & warehouse are located in Painesville, Oh. (by appt. only) Our intent has always been, along with saving the public huge amounts of money ~
Help inform the public about the funeral industry & all choices they, the customer now have since the federal trade commission (FTC) made the new regulations in 1994. So that once a person has more information - they can then make a wise decision for burial Merchandise & Memorials needed.
Knowledge is part of the answer; it is not all about the cost. The memories of the LAST RITES are often utmost in peoples' minds. We think your decision should be well thought-out rather than a "rush purchase," even though your decision time may be SOMEWHAT limited. (It is NOT THAT limited !)We believe that a purchase should be about what the CUSTOMER wants. We are here to assist our customers in any way that we can. `