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Recycle Medical Devices The Beat Goes On When Bill Daem's wife bent down to kiss her mother good-bye she was startled by the pumping of her mother's heart. "She's gone," the nurse assured her,"That's just her pacemaker still working." On the way home Bill and Evelyn talked about it. What a waste that this expensive, life-saving contraption was going to be buried with the body. (A pacemaker costs from $3,000 to $9,000. After surgery, the total bill will be $18,000 to $36,000.) Bill stewed about it for another year or so and then decided to do something about it. In 1994, Bill Daem, with the support of his wife, started Heart Too Heart, a pacemaker recovery organization in Billings, Montana.The money for phone calls, stationery and mailings come from the pocket of this Roman Catholic deacon and retired fire-fighter. Cooperation from morticians has been encouraging, with over 1,300 pacemakers sent in overthe last four years. Some are still new but missing the leads; some were implanted for just ten minutes before death took over. All pacemakers are tested, and only those still operating at 80% efficiency or better will be re-used. The others are returned to the makers for disposal. Bill feels strongly that no money should change hands in the effort to recycle the pacemakers. Instead, they are passed along only to doctors who are willing to donate the surgery and medical care for those receiving aHeart Too Heart pacemaker. Ironically, the Food and Drug Administration will not approve recycled pacemakers or defibrillators for use in the U.S. Nor is Heart Too Heartallowed to ship them to another country. So what was Bill to do? It turns out that medical devices may be hand-carried by one MD to an MD in another country. In a truly "catholic" endeavor, Bill Daem uses a Jewishdoctor in New York to carry pacemakers to Israel where an Arab doctor donates his services to anyone in need. Bill is now working through doctorsin various church ministries to get pacemakers to Sweden, Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa.(~~~~~>Arrow Bar~~~~~> Please to see rest ~~~~~~>)

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Non-implanted devices such as the telemetry transmitters (for monitoring and resetting pacemakers) are permitted to be re-used. But until there is sufficient pressure on the FDA, the poor in this country will have no option for receiving the pacemakers that go with them. Perhaps we can get Dear Abby or Ann Landers to help. If you�or someone you know�wears a pacemaker, be sure to let relatives know that it can be recycled. If you are going to carry a "Recycle" wallet card (see below), ask for a release form when you write to the FAMSA office. Or writedirectly to Heart Too Heart, 220 34th St. W., Billings, MT 59102.

By the way, Bill Daem writes a personal "thank you" to thenext-of-kin after each donation.Hear Now Hearing aids can be recycled, too. Yet such a tiny device is likely to get forgotten in the distraction of funeralarrangements. Low-income individuals pay a $30 processingfee to receive one of these through the Hear Now program. Send the hearing aid in a padded envelope to: Hear Now, 9745 E. Hamden Ave., Suite 300, Denver, CO 80231. Include a return address if you would like a donation receipt for income tax purposes. For more information call 800-648-HEAR.
Lions to the Rescue In most communities, the local Lions Club will recycleeye-glasses. If there is no Lions Club in your area or if youwould like to donate glasses for distribution in other countries, mail them to Operation Eyesight Universal, 4 Parkdale Crescent NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 3T8, Canada. For Diabetics ~ Even if you are covered by medical insurance, getting your company to fork over $4,000 for an insulin pump is almost impossible. Even if you succeeded in getting one, your diabetes specialist probably knows someone who didn't. Recycling an insulin pump locally�through the doctor who prescribed it�is probably the best way to pass a pump along. Another Card? FAMSA has devised a red wallet card to carry if you have medical devices that should be recycled after death. Contactinformation (i.e., the addresses printed above) is on the backfor each of the various options. Ask and ye shall receive. Send an SASE (donation appreciated, too) to: FAMSA, P.O. Box 10, Hinesburg, VT 05461. Copyright � FAMSA 1996

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