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Flea Marketers unite!
 Past Definition: [n] anopen-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles  NOTE!
Thisis not the case anymore. There aremany vendors who   sell brandnew items,
brand names and
like to introduce their items to
people who like to SHOP!

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The Marketers who sell at flea marketsadd personal attention, face to face care, offer great prices formoney savings, offer huge variety combined shopping at onestop  and are knowledgeable
                      big savings on caskets  abouttheir products as well.
In Painesville, Ohio, there aredifferent flea markets - many vendors who are such business people. Oneis at the Lake County Fairgrounds. www.painesvillefleamarket.com/ fordirections etc. The building is arranged in multi rows, well lit andout of the rain or bad weather for shopping with ease and at yourleisure.  Another is in Painesville Township, off Lake Shore Blvd.in the once Fazio Building.

We are here to list the best of the best. Those thatpermit you tobecome more informed about what they sell, if they ship/ sell nation wide, or ask them to search for an item, etc.

We arelisting this month's marketer - A Team Master's Casket & Vault.Please visit their home page at burialitems.com delivery all USA At this 'market' -  informational brochures set out,examples of urns and mini desk top items.
Check back for our monthly drawing on vendors having alink and banner shown to their website - from the space above.

Presenting a Directory of vendors - If you are a fleamarketer and wish to be included below, please email your details,price is $60.00 per year.
    For limited time, introductory offer ONLY $40.00 for 12 months - greatprice for biz size card listing & link here.
 Soonanother Marketerlink with business card image here. Ohio flea marketers

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Great exposure and more business.Advertising pays, it only costs those who fail to or choose  NOTTO ADVERTISE!