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WE are located in Lake County, and serve a
 450 mile radius
from (Cuyahoga County) Cleveland Ohio . 
If the project is out of this
 travel range, We refer that project to our network. the network of Emergency Cleanup (of other) dependable homicide - accident, decomposing - suicide, or grave tragic death or crime cleanup service industry firms in this urgent specialty cleaning services or repair of work to complete that job.
Our  clients 
are the family
or homeowner, 
insurance companies,
law enforcement organizations,
government agencies, property managers, (Trashy housing) cat, hoarder or distressed houses,
private individuals and commercial companies, or the state/gov.
We accept insurance
 assignment for payments and/or all credit cards or check by telephone.

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How does a family get past a death, and clean up the scene if it was violent or unattended?

By calling on A Team Masters.

    The crime scene cleanup of a residence or business completely,  is what this firm offers. Environmentally, compassionately, safely and discretetly for all - while working and  when done, heavy cleaners, cleaning interior or outside - our crews cleanup /restore sites to their original condition.


   Such incidents include natural causes of death or injury, crime scenes, trauma scenes, major vandalizations, death scenes, trash housing, traffic or industrial accidents.

    We cleanup and service commercial,non-profit,industrial, medical emergencies sites, residential or auto.

    These services include cleaning, decontaminate, sanitizing, and deodorizing. We specialize in situations with "biohazardous scenes", specialty cleaners, but also situations involving illness, accidents, animal and vacated messy tenant and trash houses or property.

       Our services are set to do the project well, timely and with compassion at a fair price. The professional staff handle all requirements and cleanup aspects of the project with care, by the rules, safety assured in all removal aspects and with complete thoroughness. 

    Rules state "at a trauma scene all surfaces and residues must be viewed as potentially harmful and capable of spreading disease and infection" must be safety assured in all removal aspects and with complete thoroughness." (See regs link below)

   This url is SCENECLEANUP.COM (if you wish to print these     pages for later use.)

         We are proud we can sometimes help people in challenges or desperate need.        Our Mission;  Dedicated to be the most Professional, courteous, compassionate, responsive, knowledgeable and thorough firm on Every call.

Call on us at 800-595-1313 as the

phone is attended 24/7 . 


Calling upon our firm gives the family dependable and cost effective service! A Team Masters has many satisfied customers with  testimonial s furnished upon request. No matter what kind of project you may have, we have successfully handled them all. If your project is outside our 450 mile radius, we have a network of providers.

     There is an  evaluation fee to assess the complete quote,  and
if our firm is hired  to  do  the project, then a portion of this is  applied to our set fee. Please use form if any questions not pertaining to an immediate need. Or Call please.
SEE page 2, Details,   REGS, Requirements
and why hire a professional?
We measure our success by our clients' satisfaction, their referrals and industrial repeat customers.

  • In the aftermath of a crime, there is some assistance out there.
  • (After calling on us, 800-595-1313 ) We will also assist in filling out the  insurance paperwork for payment of these cleanup services.
  • Then if in Ohio, call toll free 1-888-VICTIM4 (1-888-842-8464) Atty General's office   or offering more information for Ohio  family assistance contact - (Please do use this Very important  link ) - the Office of Victim Services via  e-mail at DRC.Victim.Services@odrc.state.oh.us. 
  • If in another state, in your community, contact your local law enforcemen agency's Crime Victim Liaison or your  prosecutor's Victim Assistance Coordinator.

Many out-of-pocket expenses to victims (including cleanup) of violent crime and their families. The Crime Victims' Compensation Fund can help eligible victims pay for medical and counseling bills incurred because of the crime and some states can help families cover  the cost of the funeral for a loved one who has been killed. 

A Team Master's death care industry division (since 1998) click thru to   burialitems.com  and see what is offered to assist with all those needs there as well.
Other resources;
We will suggest resources. Also  help you fill out insurance forms too. Our company treats each project as if it were our own need being filled.

for victims of Crime getting help for the Victim
And Office for Victims of Crime with many resources, lifeline services that help victims to heal.

WE DID hold a 3 day training class (10 hrs@) on Feb. 16-18, 2006 in Painesville, Ohio 44077  Call 800-595-1313 for info

Update - Please Scroll down to read for training information.

There are available, now, training tapes (12) that detail what is done on site - and requirements to become a certified crime scene tech. Train for our profession - Learn a safe way to clean all scene body fluids that may carry viruses such as AIDS/HIV, HBV, HCV and TB. Including to remove all biohazards with proper tools, acts of cleaning, disinfection, deodorization and document disposal of infectious materials. Presented with a Certified Safety & Health Official OSHA 501 Trainer, by a business owner since 1999 completing MANY horrendous crime scenes. Then added training of many others a number of years ago, so others could gain the core knowledge to become technicians . Both men and women enter this field. Have you ever thought this type of work might be for you?

These tapes will cover all training needed, mock scene documentation, real video from an actual crime scene cleanup project, - tapes including messages from the health department, OSHA, protective equipment, other equipment and chemicals that are used, plus sights not for the faint at heart to view. (It will show you also, what you might be in store for, to be sure you can tackle this career, or project graphic sights. The only thing missing in knowing if indeed, you can handle a career like this, will be odors. The smell of some of the projects will be really bad, and not all people can proceed when faced with such tragic sites and smell. Also, to be detail oriented, having a good sense of compassion, and people skills is a must.

The income from this career is good, the hourly rate is great, but the work is hard, sometimes dangerous, and there could be nightmares or other lasting effects. The idea we can and do help families at their worst time of need is why many of us carry on.

The great thing about owning the tapes are you can take it at your leisure, review as many times as needed to get the tactics and laws down pat. You need not travel on a plane to a 3 to 5 day class, pay for a hotel and meals out, rental car and miss work to attend. Or pay the $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 PLUS those courses charge. So indeed, this time and money savings course is at quite a bargain.

By being successful here, you are your own boss, or can work elsewhere, and for another crime scene clean up company as well.
You will be all set to begin your new occupation, with the exception of: All vaccinations required, License to Transport Bio-Hazardous Waste, and with these you still have to go and get certified in blood borne pathogens (under $100.00)- obtain all licenses for your state, city or county and other business matters to start up your own firm. If any further assistance in getting this done, questions to this end, please call me, Betty 440-942-8769.

ps. Crime & Trauma Scene Clean Up-Decontamination Information DVD& VHS 12 Volume Set Includes:

The Training tapes cost is $995.00. We take credit card, check by phone or mail us for the course. Please let me know, and allow 5 days for shipping and processing the order.

If you have any interest in taking a training class, to work in this trade, or start a Business Career of your own - Please email [above] for details, costs and requirements. leaving your information (name, address, occupation, phone, history, ect.).