Welcome. No matter if the issues are a court appointment, filing paperwork for Sovereign  issues or credit/banking/tax problems. Or JUST to be FREE! All we want is to be left alone from government!

The PRO SE - what does it mean? What other words go along with it? Court, self defense in front of a judge, arrest, jail, bond, bail bond - to name a few.

Some people say the Name: Sui Juris ; is a Latin phrase that literally means “of one’s own laws”.
- Or use "PRO SE" Sovereign. The official definition is:

What the judge asks you [if you are represnting yourself] or has you believe: Pro Se legal representation refers to the instance of a man or woman representing himself or herself without a lawyer in a court proceeding, whether as a defendant or a plaintiff and whether the matter is civil or criminal. Pro se is a Latin phrase meaning "for oneself".
This status is sometimes known as propria persona (abbreviated to "pro per").
provided that 'in all the courts of the United States, the parties may plead and manage their own causes personally or by the assistance of counsel'.
This is the opportunity for a party to a legal action to represent his or her own cause has had a longstanding presence in the United States - EXCEPT THAT "YOU DO NOT REPRESENT YOURSELF, YOU ARE YOURSELF!"

If you have not seen this important movie, please click before you go furter. "Bursting Bubbles of Government Desception" Robert-Arthur:Menard gives a seminar on The Illusion of the Person, what Words in Law mean, Consent, Acceptance, Honor & Dishonour, Bills of Exchange, and more! Highly relevant information about just how The Powers That Be govern over us, and what we can do about. Visit http://ThinkFree.ca and http://HijackingHumanity.com for more information!« This is the site to learn about it all. But, don't take short-cuts. View all the movies. Can't stress it enough, it takes some understanding, study. REPEAT some too.   WAKE UP! OPEN your eyes.......

How did you get here? What stage are you in your journey? (Unhappy yes, maybe, if you are involved with court issues :( ) But we are speaking of rather, are you A NEWBIE - green, yellow or A GENIUS - in KNOWING WHO YOU ARE? And how to proceed with the actions of Pro Se? Is this the eleventh hour, and you have a court case pending? Remember, the bigger the lie, the easier to believe sometimes. YOU have been DUPED!

Note: Information and Resources off this website is NOT legal advice nor into giving advice. Everyone has to be responsible for their own research and actions. The materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Here are some excellent resources, websites for research, bulletin boards for discussions and search. Please note, links will open another window off site.

This www.wetheprosepeople.com Website is being updated - check back :)Also, see page Two, "Sovereigns, What to do next?" near the bottom.
Self-represented litigants may turn to "self-help" assistance Welcome to The World Freeman Society A++
AIB Talkshoe RadioA++   Commercial Remedies - BB A++
http://caught.net/caught/prosecuteabuse.htm http://www.moneyonaccount.com/
Earthica*Star's site good info, vids!!  

Welcome to the world's largest free law library      


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http://patdollard.com/2009/04/dont-mess-with-texas-gov-perry-backs-state-sovreignty-with-video/ A lot of states are becoming Sovereign. Wish Ohio was! We ALL need to WISE UP! Don't hand over Consent to be Governed by a Defacto court and laws! Don't 'contract' with the police - employees of a Corporation!

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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1099-OID/ The Key IRS form is the 1099-A "Acquisition;

http://www.suijurisclub.net/ BB


http://www.1215.org/ Search, study, network and practice. Search the meaning of the word "Person" "Includes" Law, Statues, Acts and Ordinances . Do YOU CONSENT? http://www.cornell.edu/search/ law

http://teamlaw.net/ If U R a Newbie, start here.  
Teamlaw's bulletin board good community  
AIB Study Group  
http://thinkfree.ca/ - full site    
96 pg Book, print it :) How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man Kind By Mary Elizabeth Croft A++ (PDF)    
See Winston Shrout video series, @ approx. 24 min. long. /videoplay?docid=1038276782308887999 1)"The basics for footings in the system".
2) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=470978216057565378 "Providing a Remedy and a solution."
3) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1819046046183789561 "Commercial Redemption, discharge and set-off"
4)http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3581361366388439461 "Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden"
5)http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7747023869513799959 "Courts are operating in Admiralty courts, also known as maritime courts."
6) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4579143276364258595"First in Time, First in Line liens."
7) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8621940432301681095 "Social Security, Federal Reserve Notes and HOW the US is involved in all your business."
8) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4417106487526006308 "Petions, court dealings details."

In previous lectures, we've seen three "laws of nature" described by Hobbes: · first law of nature: "to seek peace, and follow it" · second law of nature, "that a man be willing, when others are so too, as farforth, as for peace, and defence of himself he shall think it necessary, to lay down this right to all things; and be contented with so much liberty against other men, as he would allow other men against himself." (ch. 14 5, pp.404-405) · third law of nature, "that men perform their covenants made", i.e., that they abide by their agreements, i.e. that they act justly. (ch.15 1, p.409) --snip--· Convey Titles of Honor Hobbes sums up the absolute power accorded to the sovereign in ch.20 (here he's describing the powers that accrue to both sovereigns by institution and sovereigns by acquisition): His power cannot, without his consent, be transferred to another: he cannot forfeit it: he cannot be accused by any of his subjects, of injury; he cannot be punished by them; he is judge of what is necessary for peace; and judge of doctrines: he is sole legislator; and supreme judge of controversies; and of the times, and occasions of war, and peace: to him it belongeth to choose magistrates, counsellors, commanders, and all other officers, and ministers; and to determine of rewards, and punishments, honour, and order. (ch.20, 3, p.427) ...the sovereign power ... is as great, as possibly men can be imagined to make it. And though of so unlimited a power, men may fancy many evil consequences, yet the consequences of the want of it, which is perpetual war of every man against his neighbour, are much worse. (ch.20, 18, p.430) -  SoveriginContinue here for more of The Sovereign has Rights!

There are a few movies you should really see. One is Loose Change, Final Cut If you missed it prior, it will be a jaw dropper - all about Sept. 11th, 2001. AND see this
Page Two, Sovereigns, What to do next? <   Page, Two, click link. Our email is "a-team at stratos.net "

I am a Notary, State of Ohio. If You need a notary presentment, I am just getting into that. I also have the USPS Red Fox ONE Dollar postage stamp for documents too. --The $1.00 "assured value" of the Red Fox stamp is very important if you are registering a contract into Admiralty under the provision of the Universal Postal Union. It can also be very important when used on court documents. It gives them a value under Law. The advantage of registering a contract in Admiralty and under the UPU, is that the Constitution and Laws of the UPU then govern the honoring of the contract. If you put a court into contract under the UPU, then the UPU is responsible for seeing that the court complies with the contract. Getting them to do it, is of course, another matter. I do know that it changes the attitude of the court when brought forward in court.

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